Our infrastructure service is predicated on the provision of very reliable networks and servers. We provide emergency callout as part of our service.

We design our clients' IT infrastructure to provide excellent reliability and value for money. We monitor every server as part of our service to ensure that the stability of our clients' infrastructure is maintained, and reassess current and future needs regularly to assist forward planning.

Our system administration team monitor and maintain systems to a high standard. We set ourselves ambitious targets to minimise downtime over a rolling annual period. Targets and performance are reported to each client monthly. We aim to have less than 4 hours of downtime across all critical services per client per annum.

In addition to our expertise in standard operating systems, CLW use open-source technology wherever possible, to optimise the value of our clients' hardware, to configure services that are most appropriate to each client's needs, and to reduce licensing costs. We are Linux experts.

Packet-filtering firewalls, managed networks, voice over IP telephony (VoIP), email spam scanning, email recording and storage, very large and fast storage arrays and remote data synchronisation are all services provided by our infrastructure team » more