Campbell-Lange Workshop are committed to sharing information to drive development forward and stimulate discussion of ideas. This is a concept we bring to both the services we provide to our clients and to our relationship with the IT sector, using vehicles like our regular forums. Here, we intend to post articles written by members of the CLW team, to communicate experiences and discoveries we feel might contribute to the wider discussion and development of IT Operations, particularly with regard to open-source technology.

Press and Forum Articles

November 2009 Forum Article

Text from the introduction to our 24 November 2009 forum on "Open Source and Cloud Computing" can be found here.

May 2009 BD Article

Text from our May 2009 article on "Information re-use and Social Media" can be found here.

March 2009 BD Article

Text from our March 2009 article on "Recession Ready IT" can be found here. A companion piece is here.

If you are interested in the ideas discussed in the articles, consider coming to the forums we hold several times a year.

Technical Articles

A Python database object maker class

This databse wrapper returns generates python classes on the fly from postgresql function calls. » more

Exim Postgresql callouts

A short technical document on limiting database hits in exim callouts » more

Python Congress

Our software development team attended the PyCon Python programming conference in March 2008. In this article they share their thoughts on this gathering. » more

Google Calendar Mashup

Our software development team developed a mashup that would enable Google Calendar to display as a timeline. » more