We arrange regular forums for senior staff, IT and operations managers at medium-to-large design and professional practices. Our forums help stimulate ideas and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The forums are informal, and provide a rich setting in which the participants can meet others who manage or who are engaged in IT operations.

Nick Grace from RapidForm talks about rapid prototyping at the April 09 forum
Nick Grace (RCA/RapidForm) talks about rapid prototyping at the April 09 forum

To register for notices about future forums, please email or call Campbell-Lange Workshop on 020 7631 1555.

Past forums

April 2010 forum: Design Computing Event

CLW sponsored the Design Computing Forum event at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) from 2-4pm in the Wren Boardroom. Speakers from Price & Myers, RHWL Architects, Arup Facade Engineering, RoboFold and the Bartlett discussed issues relating to design with relation to computing. » » the design computing website

November 2009 Forum: Open Source and Cloud Computing

The November 2009 forum was held on the 24th of November 2009 from 4-6pm at the De Vere venue at 17 Portland Place, London. The forum, with speakers from Red Hat and Elastic Hosts, aimed to stimulate debate on the potential use of open source to improve collaboration and to reduce costs at design and provessional companies. » more

September 2009 Forum: Can information systems improve business?

The September 2009 forum was held on the 29th of September from 4-6pm at the Building Centre, London WC1. » more

June 2009 Forum: Social media and information reuse

The June 2009 forum was held on the 16th of June from 4-6pm at the Building Centre, London WC1. » more

Our recent article in BD magazine on the subject of the forum, "Social media and information reuse", can be found in the articles section of this site.

April 2009 Forum: A blueprint for IT at Design Companies

The April 2009 forum was held on the 21st of April from 4-6pm at the Building Centre, London WC1. » more

Late February 2009 Forum : Hamiltons' IT

This forum for IT Managers was hosted by James Tansley, IT Director, at Hamiltons' offices in London W2 6ET. » more

February 2009 Forum : Virtualisation Comparison

Our practical, hands-on comparison between VMWare, Xen and Parallels virtualisation technologies was held on Tuesday 3 February 2009. IT Managers from several Central London design companies attended. » more

November 2008 Forum : Operations for Design Companies

This forum for senior staff at design companies was held at the Saatchi & Saatchi Agency on Charlotte Street on 18 November 2008. » more

October 2008 Forum : Disaster Recovery

We held this forum, which was attended by a group of nine IT Managers, at our offices in W1. The discussion of Disaster Recovery was structured around a web-based questionnaire that most attendees and some other respondents had filled in prior to the event. » more

August 2008 Forum : Jestico & Whiles IT Services and Management Review

Darren Carroll,the IT Manager at Jestico & Whiles, where we held the forum, discussed their specific systems and their approach to IT operations. » more

March 2008 Forum : Service Level Agreements

Mark Adams, the Technical Manager at CLW, chaired a discussion on using Service Level Agreements to help control IT processes. » more

December 2007 Forum : Virtualisation

James Tansley from Hamiltons Architects gave an excellent address on their move to VMWare ESX technology and NetApp storage. » more

September 2007 Forum : Backup

This forum involved a general discussion of backup approaches and technologies. » more

July 2007 Forum : IT Services Evaluation and Management

Paul Cash, the MD of Partners in IT, gave a talk about his company's approach to dealing with continual change and innovation in IT. » more

May 2007 Forum : Email archiving, storage and document retrieval

Will Yandell of Union Square made a presentation, which was followed by a discussion of document management. » more