16 June 2009 : Social Media and Information Re-use

The 16th of June forum was held at the Building Centre in Central London. The general topic of the forum was how design companies can re-use and circulate information and ideas, and how social media techniques such as blogs, rss feeds and ratings systems can help enable information flow within a company.

We have posted videos of the event below, something we haven't done before. The videos aren't great quality and the audio is rather poor -- we recommend using headphones.


  • Sebastian Ritter of CLW showed how social media techniques have been used in CLW's online operations tool CLWManage.
  • Ben Marston, Associate Director at architects Jestico & Whiles, spoke on information re-use.
  • Paul Adler, CEO at knowledge management consultancy Korteq spoke on social media, the web and its meaning for design businesses.

Social Media in CLWManage : Sebastian Ritter

Sebastian Ritter, who heads up software development at Campbell-Lange Workshop (CLW), gave a short presentation showing how CLW's operations webapp CLWManage uses social media elements such as blog postings, blog comments, "star rating" systems and rss news feeds to help the team work more effectively.

Sebastian's presentation. Click to start the movie.

Information management and re-use at Jestico & Whiles : Ben Marston

Ben Marston, Associate Director at architects Jestico & Whiles, spoke about their approach to information management and re-use. Jesticos have a set of interrelated sub systems that come together to provide information management. Ben also discussed new technologies that are being considered and how the London office has been linked with its Prague office. Download Ben's presentation here.

Ben's presentation. Click to start the movie.

Social Media and knowledge management : Paul Adler

Paul Adler, CEO of Korteq, specialists in knowledge transfer, spoke about how social media and new web technologies are transforming how businesses work, collaborate and transfer knowledge and ideas. Paul's presentation covered the idea of the "short feedback loop" enabling teams to work more effectively together, and how to use technology to "glue together" geographically dispersed teams. Paul's presentation touched on a number of other themes and ideas, including the principle that companies should consider only ever working with one copy of a document. Download Paul's presentation here.

Paul's presentation. Click to start the movie.


  • Peter Bowles, Alan Baxter & Associates
  • Simon Johns, Broadway Malyan
  • Laura Cobb, Cartwright Pickard Architects
  • Helen Fitzhugh, CMP Communications
  • Andrew Daws, CZWG Architects
  • Valerie Kuster, CZWG Architects
  • Ciara Devine, dRMM
  • Colin Rice, Edward Cullinan Architects
  • Stuart Gateson, Hopkins Architects
  • Darren Carroll, Jestico + Whiles
  • Mervyn Richards, MR1 Consulting
  • Craig Barrett, ORMS
  • Michal, ORMS
  • Jasper Pinnington, Scott Wilson
  • Dan Philips, SEA
  • Peter Walsham, Axomic
  • Matthew Nickerson, Union Square
  • Stuart Bell, Union Square

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