24 November Forum : Open Source and Cloud Computing

This forum, on Open Source and Cloud Computing, provided an introduction to these subjects and to stimulate debate on their potential use to improve collaboration and to reduce costs at design and professional companies.
The forum was held on Tuesday 24 November 2009 from 4-6pm at 17 Portland Place, London.

Rory Campbell-Lange's address about open source and the cloud, given at the forum, can be found here.


What is Open Source?

Open Source software is typically created through a peer production process between individuals and businesses cooperating over the internet. Open Source software as exemplified by Linux has been held up by Peter Day, the BBC Business Correspondent, as not only a remarkable new technology platform, but also as a model for collaboration and innovation. We will discuss why Goldman Sachs, Cisco and countless other companies have moved their core services to Open Source software and what Open Source can do for design companies. See Peter Day's column and podcast here.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing offers the potential for design businesses to move their core software and computing services to internet-based providers who can scale these services to meet variations in demand. Cloud Computing promises to completely change how businesses use and maintain their computing services, with the potential to dramatically decrease infrastructure costs and substantially increase the potential for people to work together flexibly. Find more about Cloud Computing by reading Ars Technica's article.

About the Forums

Campbell-Lange Workshop (CLW) runs forums on a regular basis. The forums provide an informal environment to discuss ideas, approaches and ways to improve working practices while keeping abreast of changes in the the worlds of design and IT.